1. Check out the pattern complexity and nice gradients in this GeoKone.NET creation by Cody Fuqua.

  2. {{ Cellular // ” Cosmos }}

  3. Snowflake like formation made with GeoKone. By Cody Fuqua.

  4. The Source of Everything :: We All Come From The Same Source, All Information, All Life, All that Is Here, Comes from The Sun

  5. Plant Powers :: By Cody Fuqua

  6. Falling Through the Veil of The Matrix :: The Vine of the Dead showed me this beaufitul vision, structure of our Universe .. before succumbing me to it’s gruesome healing powers, like a child is given candy to distract from the pain of going to the doctor.

  7. Hexagrammatron

  8. Stereoscopic Geometry :: Crosseyed

  9. Glowing Atoms :: Structures of Molecular Bonding

  10. TechnoLogical :: Pattern by Cody Fuqua

  11. CGA Flashback

  12. Eat Geometry Laserz @ GeoKone.NET !!

  13. Reminds me of a Spaceship Emblem .. By Codu Fuqua

  14. Pentacular Combustion :: By Cody Fuqua

  15. Merkabas! The Merkaba represents the Heaven and the Earth, combined, the Upper and the Lower, the Light and the Dark, revolving around each other, in balance, creating a zero point in the center, a vacuum, a black hole so to speak. By Cody Fuqua