1. Peaceful Energies To You :: Bom

  2. More abstract style Geometry created with GeoKone.NET. Using the Draw Points feature mostly.

  3. Check out the pattern complexity and nice gradients in this GeoKone.NET creation by Cody Fuqua.

  4. {{ Cellular // ” Cosmos }}

  5. Snowflake like formation made with GeoKone. By Cody Fuqua.

  6. The Source of Everything :: We All Come From The Same Source, All Information, All Life, All that Is Here, Comes from The Sun

  7. Plant Powers :: By Cody Fuqua

  8. Falling Through the Veil of The Matrix :: The Vine of the Dead showed me this beaufitul vision, structure of our Universe .. before succumbing me to it’s gruesome healing powers, like a child is given candy to distract from the pain of going to the doctor.

  9. Hexagrammatron

  10. Stereoscopic Geometry :: Crosseyed

  11. Glowing Atoms :: Structures of Molecular Bonding

  12. TechnoLogical :: Pattern by Cody Fuqua

  13. CGA Flashback

  14. Eat Geometry Laserz @ GeoKone.NET !!

  15. Reminds me of a Spaceship Emblem .. By Codu Fuqua